How to pick Iphone 3G cases

Posted by on October 10, 2019

An Iphone 3GS is an expensive item, one that you use the entire day. This is why Iphone 3GS cases are very useful to protect your phone from shocks and scratches. If you have a busy lifestyle – and who doesn’t these days – your Iphone is in use for hours, every single day. You make phone calls, you read emails, you check the weather and you access your social networking account. Your Iphone is in your pocket, in your purse, in your backpack, exposed to a lot of banging and dropping, scratching, coffee spilling and others. Iphone 3GS cases are perfect for protecting your phone from all those disasters.

You can find many types of cases for your phone, made of all sorts of materials. Very popular are the silicone ones, very soft and bouncy. They will protect your Iphone from dust, dirt, bangs and scratches. The silicone covers are very useful if you carry your Iphone around in your purse or backpack, and you don’t have a special pocket for it. A lot of the items you have in your backpack or purse – keys, pens, coins, lipsticks – can produce damages to the phone. A silicone cover will prevent that from happening. Also, silicone covers come in a big variety of colors and with a lot of different prints on them. You can use Iphone 3G cases to personalize the one you have and to make it look cooler.

You can also find cases for your Iphone made of leather. Leather is a very good material – it’s durable and it looks really classy. A leather case will last for years, probably longer than the phone itself. However, you should know that, in time, leather becomes loose and there is a good chance that after using it a while, your Iphone will start slipping from the leather case.

A good option is hard cases. Many people are a little reluctant about buying hard cases for Iphones, but there is really no reason. Hard cases protect better against serious shocks. You only need to check the interior lining. Hard cases need some soft interior lining, to be able to protect the Iphone.

When shopping for Iphone 3G cases, there are a few factors you need to consider. First of all, it will be uncomfortable to take the case off every time you need to charge the phone or to hook it to the computer. This is why you should check if the case offer you access to the power switch, dock connector, headphone jack and the other controls. Another important thing you have to consider is the thickness of the case. Thick Iphone 3G cases protect the device better, but the bulky look of those covers bother some of the consumers.

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