Portable ultrasound machines – therapy at home

Posted by on October 10, 2019

The medical technique evolved a lot in the last decades. Things that, a few years ago, were considered science fiction, are now largely available. Take it, for example, ultrasound machines. You can find now ultrasound machines that are designed (and approved) to be used at home. Typically, they cost a few hundreds of dollars and they are used in the pain therapy. Those machines can ease pains like arthritic pains and they can even help you recuperate faster from certain injuries. This happens because the high frequency sound waves that ultrasound machines produce will increase the blood flow to those areas of your body that are under treatment. A strong blood flow will make your body to heal better and will help you deal better with pain. The theory says that, the stronger the blood low, the more the nutrients that are delivered to the cells. A lot of people found the ultrasounds therapy quite helpful, so you might try it as well. Generally, practitioners like chiropractors and massage therapists use those portable ultrasound machines to treat their patients. But, if you think that such a device is beneficial for your health, you can buy one for yourself.

Ultrasound machines for home are light, compact and ultra portable. You can use them by yourself without any problems. They can help you relieve you muscle pains or joint pains. Most of ultrasound manufacturers recommend you to use them for about 20 minutes every day. The treatment consists in applying the machine on the painful areas, but you can’t apply it directly on the ski. You need to use a special gel, also provided by the manufacturer. Before starting the treatment, make sure you are not allergic to that gel. Apply a small quantity of gel on a portion of your skin and wait for at least 24 hours, to see if you have a reaction to that substance. If the skin is clear and you don’t see any redness, you can start using the ultrasound machine.

There are other precautions you need to take when it comes about ultrasound machines for home. You can use them on sensitive areas, like the genitals and the spine. Also, it’s not recommended to use them on your face. Also, if you have injuries like burns, cuts or infections on your skin, do not use the machine on those areas. Remember, you should discuss with your physician the opportunity of using such machines.

If you are interested in buying ultrasound machines for sale, you need to pay a lot of attention to the manufacturer. They are, after all, medical equipment and they need to comply some standards to be safe for use. Ask the manufacturer if FDA approved their products.

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